There is a Very Proper Gander

What we are witnessing today in the post-fact and fake-news world appears to be the result of the merger between the Soviet-era propaganda and the newest political techniques of the free world.

Moscow Zoo

The note mentions the wolves' feeding time, which is 4 PM, and says that Mondays are fasting days.

Cannibals Detained in Southern Russia

A man and his wife have been detained in the city of Krasnodar after police discovered their photos with parts of a human body. The...

Alley of Russian Rulers Gets New Arrivals

Peter the Great looks at the fresh arrivals to the alley of Russian rulers, a project sponsored by Russia's Military History Society with all...

How to Violate Parking Rules Without Paying Fine

Parking tickets in Moscow are pretty costly but there is a simple way to stop paying fines for leaving your car in a wrong...

Kalashnikov Statue Causes Controversy in Moscow

There is undoubtedly nothing artistic about the statue to the father of the legendary AK-47: a man with a submachine-gun and the ubiquitous St....

Travel in Afghanistan

They say there are only good drivers in Afghanistan: all the bad ones are lying at the bottom of mountain gorges. For lack of choice,...
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The New Trend in Hair Style

Love cats? Here are a few ideas for you

Nearly All WWII Top-Secret Files Declassified

Russia's defense ministry has declassified files related to the Stalingrad battle of the Second World War.The central military archive still keeps about 2,000 WWII...

New Russian Dolls

Two Russian artists create strikingly life-like dolls.