New Russian Dolls

Two Russian artists create strikingly life-like dolls.

End of Ramadan Prayers Held in Moscow

More than 250,000 Muslims attended today the end of Ramadan prayers in Moscow's four mosques, including the Cathedral Mosque, which is one of the...

Russia Considers Blocking Telegram Messenger

Russia's watchdog agency Roskomnadzor may block access to the Telegram messenger in Russia "within days", but not "tomorrow," said the agency's boss Alexander Zharov.The...

Street Artist and Model

The street artist and his model in Moscow's Sokolniki park.

What This Little Fish Does is Unbelievable

Think Hard

I think I always make the right choice ;)

Mammoth Tusks Found in a Private Garden in Yakutia

El hombre estaba plantando patatas y al principio pensó que los dos marfiles en el suelo fueron raíces de árbol.

Siberian Man Builds Fence With Skis

Australian All-Male Choir Sings Russian Songs of Despair

Dustyesky, an all male choir from Mullumbimby, singing Russian songs of despair and suffering to fill your hearts with love and joy.