Moscow street scenes and more


Moscow Street – and Yard – Art

The Moscow street art scene (to be updated).

Moscow Churches 1

Yelokhovsky Cathedral.Church of the Shroud of Virgin Mary.Church of Martyr Nikita.Insurrection Cathedral at Gorokhovoe Pole. Old Believers's Church near the Belarus Railway Station.

Moscow Zoo

The note mentions the wolves' feeding time, which is 4 PM, and says that Mondays are fasting days.

Perlov Tea House to Brighten Your Day in Gray Moscow

On gray and depressing days like today, and especially when you run out of tea or coffee, it is a good idea to visit the Perlov Tea House.

Selfie in the Heart of Moscow

A foreign tourist makes a selfie, squatting over the round metal plaque saying this is Moscow's zero kilometer from which the distance is...

Lenin, Stalin, Putin

Foreign and Russian visitors to Moscow love to take pictures with various impersonators - from czar Ivan the Terrible to Stalin and Putin.

Moscow: Under Construction

This is how Moscow streets look today - and will look until the fall (or later) while large-scale reconstruction is in progress.

Street Artist and Model

The street artist and his model in Moscow's Sokolniki park.

Waiting for Customers…

An artist on Moscow´s pedestrian Arbat street waits for customers to order their portraits.

Here Stood a Temple

The plaque on the left says a temple bearing the name of Saint Trinity stood on this spot between 1625 and 1934. Tverskaya St., Moscow.

Moscow’s Painted Cars

There are quite a few cars in Moscow (and other Russian cities) featuring so-called aerography car art, turning the vehicles into moving pictures, sometimes funny, sometimes scary. Some images are real masterpieces, but most are quite tasteless.

Artist Ilya Ptichkin Captures Images of Old Moscow

Artist Ilya Ptichkin is trying to capture on canvas what remains of old Moscow.
Orthodox Church on Red Square

Moscow Churches 2

I wasn't able to pass by the Old Believers' church near the Belarusian railway station without taking a couple of pictures. Looking great!

Honey Time Again

It's honey time in Moscow, the season of honey fairs in the city where people believe that honey can cure all, or almost all,...

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