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Putin Immortalized in Lollipops and in Soap

The life cycle of president Vladimir Putin likenesses in lollipops and soap won't be long, unless the buyers decide not to use them as...

Know This Guy?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s doppelgänger lives in Podolsk, a town near the Russian capital Moscow. Roman Burtsev, an employee of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations, is...

Lyudmila & Natasha

Lyudmila & NatashaA photo essay on love in today´s Russia.By Misha FriedmanNatasha and Lyudmila aren’t different than any two other women in love; they fight,...

How to Violate Parking Rules Without Paying Fine

Parking tickets in Moscow are pretty costly but there is a simple way to stop paying fines for leaving your car in a wrong...

A Bug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

There is a new epidemic in Russia, not of any disease, though, but, nonetheless, it is an epidemic. Another epidemic of follies. Forget Philippine...

Phuket, Thailand

Russia’s Central Bank Issues New Banknotes

Two new banknotes featuring the cities of Vladivostok in the Far East and Sevastopol in the Crimea were put into circulation in Russia today. The...

Victory Day in Moscow, 2017

Military parade in Moscow on Victory Day.  

Rebel Militia Road Block

For sale in a Moscow department store: resin figures of the east Ukrainian armed militia manning a road block on the border line separating the rebel...

Chocolate Putin

A few years ago I saw Russian president Vladimir Putin immortalized in chocolate, and I'm still wondering who bought him and how they ate him.


Kyrgyzstan is one of the best countries with the best people I have ever visited. No kidding. My pictures do not necessarily prove that, but just take my word for it.

Ukrainians Move to Facebook After Government Ban on Russian Social Nets

According to the BBC video story from Kiev, Ukrainians, while being somewhat unhappy with the recent government ban on popular Russian social networks, are...

Moscow Metro Presented Opera in Elvish Language

Опера на эльфийском языке в метро в память об авторе "Сильмариллиона" и "Властелина колец" Джоне Толкине.

Newspaper Rock

Tse’ Hone, which translates from Navajo as “rock that tells the story”, could be the first blog by ancient netizen journalists, as we know...

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