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Rebel Militia Road Block

For sale in a Moscow department store: resin figures of the east Ukrainian armed militia manning a road block on the border line separating the rebel...

Burning Streetcar in Krasnoyarsk

All the passengers were safely evacuated from a burning streetcar in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. The tram driver received some burns but they are not life threatening.
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The New Trend in Hair Style

Love cats? Here are a few ideas for you

Chelsea Manning’s New Look

Transformation! https://twitter.com/xychelsea/status/865250670831702016

AIDS at the Service of Soviet Propaganda

Losev was sitting at his desk in the spacious office on the sixth floor of the Tass headquarters in downtown Moscow and I took a seat at the adjoining smaller desk. "Sasha, advise those lazybones in Geneva that we need more stories from the West to prove that AIDS was created and disseminated by the CIA," he told me straight away.

Last Confederate Statue in New Orleans Goes to Scrap Yard of...

The last Confederate statue has been dismantled in New Orleans and will be stored in a junk yard - until better times. https://youtu.be/ZeEzQ6hqw1U The war on monuments,...

Moscow Metro Presented Opera in Elvish Language

Опера на эльфийском языке в метро в память об авторе "Сильмариллиона" и "Властелина колец" Джоне Толкине.

WiFi Coming to Moscow Cemeteries

It’s official: free WiFi will soon be available to all patrons of Moscow cemeteries — dead or alive. The head of the state funeral service...

The Last Documents on Censorship in the USSR

For students/scholars who need official Soviet documents on censorship. They clearly show what the Soviet people were allowed to know about their own country.

Ubiquitous Blog Spammer on the Loose

I have received the following comment to one of my posts here and discovered there is an interesting story behind this kind of blog...

Mammoth Tusks Found in a Private Garden in Yakutia

El hombre estaba plantando patatas y al principio pensó que los dos marfiles en el suelo fueron raíces de árbol.

My Lunch Today

Two unusual mushrooms for lunch - and nothing happened. https://www.facebook.com/suavekhmer/posts/10158803982305220?pnref=story

Russia’s Embassy in London is Having Fun

The Russian embassy in London is making fun of the fear of Russian hackers, other stereotypes.

Ukrainians Move to Facebook After Government Ban on Russian Social Nets

According to the BBC video story from Kiev, Ukrainians, while being somewhat unhappy with the recent government ban on popular Russian social networks, are...