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Chelsea Manning’s New Look

Transformation! https://twitter.com/xychelsea/status/865250670831702016

Last Confederate Statue in New Orleans Goes to Scrap Yard of...

The last Confederate statue has been dismantled in New Orleans and will be stored in a junk yard - until better times. https://youtu.be/ZeEzQ6hqw1U The war on monuments,...

Victory Day in Moscow, 2017

Military parade in Moscow on Victory Day.  

Accidental Photos

In the morning, roughly at 7AM, while walking my doggy I  spotted these two men sitting on a bench, chatting. The identical way in which...

Organic Food Store with a Nasty Twist

La tienda de la comida orgánica del empresario Guerman Sterligov prohíbe a los homosexuales entrar, mientras tanto los demás reciben una sonrisa.   Две стороны бизнеса...

Burning Streetcar in Krasnoyarsk

All the passengers were safely evacuated from a burning streetcar in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. The tram driver received some burns but they are not life threatening.

Mammoth Tusks Found in a Private Garden in Yakutia

El hombre estaba plantando patatas y al principio pensó que los dos marfiles en el suelo fueron raíces de árbol.

Russia Considers Blocking Telegram Messenger

Russia's watchdog agency Roskomnadzor may block access to the Telegram messenger in Russia "within days", but not "tomorrow," said the agency's boss Alexander Zharov.The...

End of Ramadan Prayers Held in Moscow

More than 250,000 Muslims attended today the end of Ramadan prayers in Moscow's four mosques, including the Cathedral Mosque, which is one of the...

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My Fave Hostile Environments