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Packing for War

By James W. Crawley, MRE WebmasterI have covered a couple of real military operations and dozens of training ops in nearly 10 years of...

Baptism by Fire

"You've come here to see the war, so you are going to see it," Aziz was trying to wake up journalists who had just...

Afghan War

The war had been going on in Afghanistan for more than twenty years, largely unnoticed by the outside world, until the U.S.-led coalition said...

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During its ten-year war in Afghanistan (1979-1989), the Soviet Union lost 14,453 soldiers dead (Source: "Soviet Casualties and Combat Losses" by G.F. Krivosheyev) and...

Surviving an Abduction

Abduction advice from the International News Safety Institute.

All Afghan Men Are Warriors

All Afghan men are warriors. The old ones were fighters in the past, the young ones will become soldiers in the future.There is a...

Communication Problems in Iraq

Communication was the biggest problem for journalists in Iraq shortly after the fall of Saddam Hussein. It is not so much the Arabic language, but the difference in cultures that even the best translators are not able to bridge.

Education in Afghanistan

During the Taliban rule, which came to an end in late 2001, Afghanistan had schools that taught mostly Islamic subjects to boys, while girls...

Health and Hygiene

Climatic conditions, terrain, and a number of endemic diseases all make the hazards to health in hot climates greater than elsewhere.In addition, the difficulties...
Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan, 2001


Journalists in dangerous situations must constantly re-evaluate risks and know when to back down.

Newspaper Rock

Tse’ Hone, which translates from Navajo as “rock that tells the story”, could be the first blog by ancient netizen journalists, as we know...

Scary Stuff

My Fave Hostile Environments