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Packing for War

By James W. Crawley, MRE WebmasterI have covered a couple of real military operations and dozens of training ops in nearly 10 years of...

Guide to Reporting in Dangerous Situations

A Guide to Reporting in Dangerous Situations from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Religious Affairs in Afghanistan

Islam is the prevailing religion in Afghanistan. The majority of Muslims adhere to the Sunni school, while Shi'ites are in the minority. There are...


During its ten-year war in Afghanistan (1979-1989), the Soviet Union lost 14,453 soldiers dead (Source: "Soviet Casualties and Combat Losses" by G.F. Krivosheyev) and...

Surviving an Abduction

Abduction advice from the International News Safety Institute.

Health and Hygiene

Climatic conditions, terrain, and a number of endemic diseases all make the hazards to health in hot climates greater than elsewhere.In addition, the difficulties...

Mental Health of Journalists Covering Traumatic Events

How journalists can protect their mental and emotional health while covering traumatic events

Women Reporting War

Summary of preliminary survey on safety issues faced by females in the news media who work in areas of conflictSponsored by the Swedish International...
Southern Lebanon, 2006

Body Armor

The most important thing to remember about body armor is this: Bulletproof vests are not bullet proof. Body armor may stop some projectiles, but...

Education in Afghanistan

During the Taliban rule, which came to an end in late 2001, Afghanistan had schools that taught mostly Islamic subjects to boys, while girls...

The First Days in Afghanistan (2001)

The final stages of Afghanistan's civil war and the United States' involvement in the conflict attracted hundreds of journalists from all over the world....

Newspaper Rock

Tse’ Hone, which translates from Navajo as “rock that tells the story”, could be the first blog by ancient netizen journalists, as we know...

Taliban Prisoners of War

Afghanistan's civil war was responsible for the existence of tens of thousands of prisoners captured by the two major parties to the conflict, the...

Afghan Kids’ Life

Afghan children have driven many cameramen and photographers mad: they always stare into the camera, very often making pictures unusable for a story. I don't...

Scary Stuff

My Fave Hostile Environments