Blasts from the past

Afghan Women

It's hard to discuss Afghan women, because one can hardly describe the subject concealed for the most part by the controversial blue or white...

Gas & Oreo

 They say a good flashback can bring out a good story. Don't know. Today I had a flashback related to gasoline and Oreo cookies....

“Workers’ Demonstrations” in USSR

On the first of May, as well as on other Soviet holidays that required universal shows of loyalty, factory and office workers, government employees,...

How I Broke 9/11 News to Taliban Fighter

One of the Taliban prisoners-of-war I met at the Do-Ab detention center in the Panjshir Valley in mid-September 2001 was a bespectacled man with...

Mi recuerdo de una conversación con Aleksandr Nekrich

Conocí a Aleksandr Nekrich en 1990, cuando estuve en Cambridge, MA, y teníamos muchas conversaciones sobre la historia y el futuro de la Unión...

Man Without Shadow

The spy that worked with me at Tass.

Did the Ukrainians Get What They Dreamt About?

I asked Ukrainian protesters on Kiev's Independence Square in February 2014 to formulate their biggest dream in as little as 10 seconds. Here are their answers: https://www.instagram.com/p/k1dybXIPEM/?taken-by=newsbee "Our...

Stalin and Dow Jones

Once upon a time a TASS night-time editor picked up a ringing phone and - lo and behold - there was Stalin's voice on...

Scary Stuff

My Fave Hostile Environments