Last Confederate Statue in New Orleans Goes to Scrap Yard of History


The last Confederate statue has been dismantled in New Orleans and will be stored in a junk yard – until better times.

The war on monuments, which was waged in Russia in the early 1990s following the collapse of the Communist regime, has finally reached the United States.

Numerous – but not all – statues of Lenin, Stalin and other Bolshevik dignitaries were removed from their pride of places. 

#Moscú #Moscow #Москва La estatua del dictador Josef Stalin

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Many, like those of Joseph Stalin and secret police chief Felix Dzerzhinsky are on display in a specially designated part of Moscow’s Art Park called “Muzeon”. 

In my humble opinion, any statue in any country represents an individual or an event that might hurt the feelings of individuals or groups of people or whole nations.

Removing monuments from public display hurts the feelings of as many people and obscures the dark/bright/whatever pages of history.