Kyrgyzstan is one of the best countries with the best people I have ever visited. No kidding. My pictures do not necessarily prove that, but just take my word for it.

Kyrgyz people like to buy clocks.

You can see clocks everywhere, with the time in the four most important cities of the world: Bishkek, Beijing, Moscow and Washington.

This is a typical shopping strip in southern Kyrgyzstan.

A friendly chef will make you a tasty kebab in a matter of minutes.

Fruits and vegetables in great variety are available on the farmers’ market.

Islam is the main religion in Kyrgyzstan with lots of mosques and madrasas all around. The Kyrgyz folks I met do not seem to be particularly religious, unlike the ethnic Uzbeks who are becoming increasingly devout Muslims – for better or for worse.

PS. In the top picture a Western reporter shares his thoughts about current affairs with Kyrgyz colleagues.