Photos by Misha Friedman

Ukraine´s new police force in training

Moscow´s Bolshoi ballet dancers rehearse.
Donbas mineworkers drink vodka after work
Ukraine´s coal-producing region

(C) Copyright 2015 Misha Friedman
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Misha Friedman of New York City was born in Moldova in 1977. He graduated with degrees from Binghamton University and London School of Economics, where he studied economics and international relations. He worked in finance and later in humanitarian medical aid while teaching himself photography. Friedman’s analytical approach to storytelling involves trying to look beyond the facts, searching for causes, and asking complex and difficult questions. Sometimes he succeeds.

Friedman regularly collaborates with leading international media and non-profit organizations, including the New Yorker, Time Magazine, Spiegel, GQ, Le Monde, Bloomberg Businessweek, Sports Illustrated, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders and others. His widely-exhibited work has received numerous industry awards, including multiple grants from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.