Lyudmila & Natasha


Lyudmila & Natasha

A photo essay on love in today´s Russia.

By Misha Friedman

Natasha and Lyudmila aren’t different than any two other women in love; they fight, they break up, they make up. They struggle.

“This is our struggle as people in love, or people who remember love, or people waiting for love’s return,” reads the introduction to documentary photographer Misha Friedman’s latest book, Lyudmila and Natasha: Russian Lives. “That is why we recognize ourselves in Lyudmila and Natasha, two ordinary women in love, remembering love, waiting for each other’s return.” What’s different for Natasha and Lyudmila, however, is the legality of their love: They live in Russia, where a single federal paragraph marks their relationship as perversion.

Love in the Time of Putin